Que Lindo!

February 15, 2008

Otto snoozing under the comforter

Who’s the cutest perro in the barrio? Who? Why Otto-lito, that’s who. That’s why when the local girls see him on the street, they all say, “Que lindo!” and mush his face.


Heart-Shaped World

February 14, 2008

Heart-Shaped World

Have had such a rough day today (way too much work and a crazy poodle-owner at the dog park) that this blue world kind of represents how I feel. Blue yet hopeful. Can hardly wait to see Phil tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day!

In faith that Spring will come again

February 13, 2008

Trees and Shrubs

I am sorry. Those rare and precious people who read this blog are probably wondering what happened to me. I am fine. More about that later.

Even though it’s nastiest slushy winter weather right now, I know it will be spring very, very soon. When I saw this in the Record Online, Catskill Edition, I called for a brochure, etc. immediately. Going to get some beautiful new trees and shrubs!

Tree and Shrub Sale Cultivates Conservation

LIBERTY – The Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District is accepting orders for its annual tree and shrub program.

This district is offering a variety of deciduous and conifer species and specialized packages, including Nut Tree, Flowering Tree and Shrub, Song Bird and Butterfly.

Also available are ground covers, fruit trees, fertilizer tablets, marking flags, tree protectors and bluebird boxes.

Trees and shrubs can be planted for Christmas tree production, timber production and as wildlife habitat, windbreaks, hedges, screens, stream and road bank stabilization and ornamentals.

To order, call the district office at 292-6552, ext. 101, to request a brochure and order form. The application deadline is April 4, and pickup is April 25-26 at the office.

No to Casino, at least for now

January 5, 2008

Crying Indian

The Times Herald-Record reports that the much-anticipated and much-dreaded casino has received a firm no from the current U.S. Secretary of Interior, Dirk Kempthorne.

Sullivan casino plans denied:
Feds reject tribes’ proposals for Raceway and Bridgeville

Luckily for the St. Regis Mohawks , there will be a new gang in office in January 2009 and sometime after that a new Secretary of Interior.

Back from the Holiday Road Trip

January 2, 2008

What happens when I go on a long road to visit relatives that have no internet access, not even dial-up? Well, you’ve seen it: I don’t post. So before I start posting about Sullivan County and adventures in renovation, here’s a very short version of what happened on our Christmas vacation.

Lots and lots of visiting with family, both Phil’s and mine. First we drove to Meadville, Pennsylvania, then Amherst, Ohio to see Phil’s parents and brothers, then on to my grandmother’s farm in La Plata, Missouri. Read the rest of this entry »

On the road again

December 23, 2007

Missouri Map

Only one more day of driving until we get to the farm. We’ve been driving since Friday morning, stopping en route, on our way to visit family in La Plata, Missouri.

La Plata is in NE Missouri, about 20 miles south of Kirksville. I’ve got a bad cold that hit me like a bulldozer yesterday morning and I can barely think. Merry Christmas!

Straight Outa Sullivan County

December 22, 2007


Scion of Sullivan County Metafore is a young rapper getting serious attention and respect from the people who know. He was born and raised in Monticello, moved down south, then back to Liberty.

He’s got his head on straight: despite the hoopla surrounding his coming up he’s living at home in Liberty and enrolled for spring semester 2008 at Sullivan County Community College to begin studying business.

Take a look at Jeanne Sager’s article about Metafore (aka Tashan Turner) in the Sullivan County Democrat:

Introducing Metafore: Sullivan’s Own Home-Grown Rapper on the Rise

Ring Those Bells!

December 21, 2007

Wurtsboro Bell Choir

The Wurtboro Emma Chase Elementary School fifth grade bell choir performed in a concert Wednesday, December 19. So sweet! And so nostalgic for me. I played in my church bell choir when I was a teenager.

And to amp up the cuteness factor, here’s a video of the concert:


December 20, 2007

Here are some more pics that show the situation with Little H.

Phil installing 4 x 4

Phil installing 4 x 4 in living room of Little H

Inside the front door of Little H

Inside the Front Door

Little H’s Front Door

The Front Door of Little H

Now what do you think?

December 19, 2007

Phil putting up a 4 x 4 inside Little H

Henry Illing, a local engineer, recommended we put a 4 x 4 pillar under a beam in Little H’s living toom to keep the snow from collapsing the roof this winter.